A downloadable game for Windows

The Twisted Fate
This is under work, but the main concept is, Horror.
You start off working underground doing some repairs, then something happens underground. You must get up to high land before its too late.
Please note, This is a test gameplay only.
This is not anything official

This is completely experimental.

Use the Itch.io app for windows. It'll be easier to download patches, instead of full game downloads.

Install instructions

In the extracted file, it'll be "TheTwistedFate.exe"

The game will run in full screen mode.

WSAD to Move

RMB for Flash Light

LMB to fire

E for Action or Pick up Objects

SPACE to jump


the-twisted-fate-windows-nightly.zip (716 MB)
the-twisted-fate-windows-alpha.zip (198 MB)

Development log


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Not really enough to it yet for me to judge. There are some interesting mechanics, always like when I can interact with physics objects even if there is no purpose. Understand this is only test footage so I'll keep an eye on the project as it develops.

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Thanks :)

I will be updating the game more often, and pushing patches and updates.

This game is starting to mold into a shape I will enjoy crafting. I'm just a single guy working on this, but its out of fun and a hobbie.

All feedback is important to me.