Level Changes & More

He is what I changed,

  • Starting Room
    • Switched off the dust effects in starting room
    • Added some props in to play around with
      • There is a secret prop, can you find it ;)
    • Fixed the player's head clipping through the wall.
    • Removed buildings farther out, since they aren't in sight no more, less loading times.
    • Fixed some gun physics
      • Gun bullets will move some props with small force
      • Gun is still not centered for certain reasons
    • Jumping has been increased a little
      • Will play around with different jumping animations
  • First Level
    • Fixed some clipping of some props
    • The ladder is easier to use now and lighter
    • The water effects slow the player down just a little.
      • Still messing around with water
    • The dusty effect has been turned down a little
    • Fixed some block like shadows
    • Smoother prop loading
    • Smoother mouse aiming

What I am working on now

  • Tutorial level
  • Special Areas just for tester access only
  • More guns
  • A actual monster
    • Will be harmless, but fun to shoot
  • Death animations
  • Better foot step sounds.

This Blog applies to

  • Nightly
  • Alpha


the-twisted-fate-windows-nightly.zip 716 MB
Version 7 Aug 12, 2017
the-twisted-fate-windows-alpha.zip 198 MB
Version Aug 12, 2017

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