Update 9 & 1c

  • Starting Room Update
    • Fixed some errors when starting up
    • Removed the elevator, will be adding a new one very soon
      • Touching the elevator will cause the map to load
        • Some delay will happen
    • Switching maps was made faster, shaved off 10 seconds
      • Average loading time is about 8s
    • The starting area secret is still there, happy hunting
  • Level 1 Updates
    • Quicker prop loadings
    • Some shadows fixed again
      • Static Shadows were made dynamic.
      • All shadows will load be dynamic
  • Voice Over Update
    • Some voice overs were removed
    • New voice overs will be added soon.
  • Prop Updates
    • Some props are still not yet movable
    • Some props mass's are now adjusted to move around and float in the water correctly
  • Water Updates
    • Water sound effects are bugged, they may not load or will load
      • will be fixed soon
  • Graphics
    • Graphics are now displaying at full 1080p
    • Props will adjust to resolution of desired resolution in options.
  • Game Menu (Pause)
    • The menu loads faster
    • Some sounds will play even though paused
  • A.I.
    • New A.I. for monsters in the works
      • new monster next update
  • Weapons and Guns
    • New Guns and weapons are being made
      • new guns will be added next update
  • Missions
    • New mission in the works
      • new mission will be added with in 4 major updates stay tuned! :)
  • Game Source
    • The game source will be available under windows-nightly build only
      • Final release of the game the source will be closed
      • Those who have the source after closing the game sources will be free to edit only if you give credit :)
  • Game Engine
    • The Game Engine is updated - The game is created under Lua Programming
      • Plans to update to C++ is at a later date 


the-twisted-fate-windows-nightly.zip 716 MB
Version 9 Aug 13, 2017
the-twisted-fate-windows-alpha.zip 198 MB
Version Aug 13, 2017

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